hello, and welcome to my kitchen! 

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my goal is to get busy families around the dinner table faster...to fill the fridge with fresh, healthy meals affordably and effortlessly.
— cara buzzi

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My Credentials:

  • Associate's In Culinary Sciences - Johnson & Wales University
  • Food Safety Manager - National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
  • Member - United States Personal Chef Association

About me:

Home for me has always been the kitchen. The planning, preparation, and making of meals is my true life passion.

While I love to cook for a crowd, and have had some great professional experiences doing so, my dream is to teach others about healthy meal organization habits and kitchen management.

I have 15 years of experience in cooking, keeping to a budget, getting creative with leftovers, and stretching my dollars. I also have certification and real technical experience earned while at Johnson & Wales and through my kitchen jobs.

I’ve combined these skills with my passion for the environment and support local agriculture to create my dream business. 

Cara Buzzi Personal Chef & Consulting is the perfect mix of my decade-long love of cooking, my passion for feeding friends and family, and my knowledge of filling your fridge and pantry for less than you’d expect. I want to share all of what I know with you! 

Some "fun facts" about me:

  • I'm mom to my girl Brynne Marie. Bree Hazel is due to arrive November 2018. (They'll be 19 months apart!)
  • my first fur baby was a cat named Marley. Not for Bob but for Jacob Marley, of A Christmas Story. 
  • when I was in second grade I adopted a manatee!
  • Glen and I shared the bus stop in elementary school. He was my first crush :)
  • I'm a passionate recycler. I even petitioned to have a "Did you remember your reusable bags?" sign posted out front at my first job. They did it! 

Thank you for stopping by, and please stay awhile.

Welcome to my kitchen! 

:) Cara 

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